Canadian Public Arts Funders (CPAF) expresses support for DFAIT role in international promotion of Canadian artists

Winnipeg, December 14, 2006 — Representatives of arts funding bodies across the country have urged the federal government to maintain the role of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) in the international promotion of Canadian culture.

At their meeting in Toronto on November 15-17, the chairs of Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial arts councils reinforced the importance of investing in opportunities for Canadian artists and arts organizations to present their work on the international scene. They expressed strong support for the role that DFAIT has played at the federal level in providing financial and logistical support to the remarkable successes of Canadian artists abroad.
As well as having a major impact on Canadian artists, their revenues and market development opportunities, federal support has helped foster exceptional artistic careers of which Canadians in all parts of the country can be proud.
The presence of Canada’s artists and arts organizations abroad also contributes significantly to the reputation of Canada as a highly-creative, unique, linguistically and culturally-diverse country.

The chairs of the arts councils urged the federal government to maintain and reinforce this essential investment in Canada’s presence on the world stage.

The CPAF members also discussed the public value of the arts and ways to deepen public engagement in the arts. They planned activities to address shared priorities in the coming year, and confirmed the membership of the new Steering Committee, which includes representatives from the Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

Martha Durdin, Chair of the Ontario Arts Council and newly confirmed CPAF Steering Committee member, reflected on the importance of this network:

“Public funding, through organizations like the members of CPAF, plays a key role in sustaining the arts and enabling access to the arts for all Canadians. This has been a remarkable year in the development of our network, which provides a way for us to work together towards these common goals.”


Media contacts:


Douglas Riske
Executive Director, Manitoba Arts Council and Past Chair, Steering Committee, Canadian Public Arts Funders
(204) 945-2239


Pauline Bourque
Executive Director, New Brunswick Arts Board and Steering Committee Member, Canadian Public Arts Funders
(506) 444-4343

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